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Understanding Market Trends – United States 


MR16 Lamp Availability – United States 

Availability of Halogen MR16 Lamps in the United States is declining.  In light of energy savings, lamp manufacturers are changing direction in the products they produce.  As a resultfinding and purchasing  Halogen MR16 Lamps is becoming more difficult. 

In early 2019, Wendelighting  will release Chip On Board LED Lighting Modules.  The Lighting Modules will be used in our Wenlux LED Framing Projectors and Accent Lights.  These 20 Watt high efficacy Lighting Modules match the lumen output of a 70 Watt Halogen MR16 Lamp.   

We recommend all 2019 Wendelighting art lighting specifications and purchases to be Wenlux LED Luminaires.  For Product Options See https://www.wendelighting.com/products/