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For Any Wendel Projector


Only available from Wendelighting is Fade In.
Wendelighting’s exclusive system for a soft edgeless border surrounding a
Wendel® projector illumination.

Soft Focus Art Lighting Framing Projector

Fade In® Border
Wendel® Projector Illumination

Sharp Focus Art Lighting Framing Projector

Sharp or Soft Focus Border
Wendel® Projector Illumination

The Fade In difference is shaped light loosely conforming to your art. An edgeless low light perimeter gradually increases in intensity to a bright and balanced illumination for your masterpiece. The Fade In option lightly scatters and tapers light out to form a soft gentle diffused border that surrounds a brightly illuminated interior.

The installation difference is a light mask that is much easier to shape. Fade In dramatically reduces the precision required when shaping a Wendel framing projector light mask.

Art illuminated by Wendel comes to life! A shaped sharp focus light border makes art pop as if lit from behind, while the shaped light from a feathered border softly blends art into architecture. All Wendel projectors can utilize either focus option. The look is your choice!

Only Wendelighting offers two projector focus options:

Sharp Focus Border – Fade In Border

FADE IN is a Trademark of Jacksen International LTD.