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Visually uniform light is the foundation for a successful art illumination. Completely covering a painting with near uniform light requires fixture position planning. Uniformity can then be enhanced by aiming the projector to the center of art, before framing or shaping light to follow the contour of art. The light beam should be centered on the art while at the same time including an arc of light wide enough to completely cover the top corners of art with light.

Wide art positioned close to a ceiling may require two recessed framing projectors for the arcs to completely cover the top corners with light. Overlapping light using two projectors provides a wider and more uniform lateral light coverage (see Drawing 1 above for positioning).

The same wide art positioned well below the ceiling may only require one projector for the arc of light to completely cover the top corners with light (see Drawing 2 above for positioning).

This art lighting tip is for illuminating wide art. How to illuminate an even wider painting may be found on a different art lighting tip.

The above art lighting techniques and tips are for reference only and are not specifications. Wendel art lighting specialists are available to assist the art lighting consultant and art lighting designer with specifying a projector and placement, courtesy of Wendelighting. Please forward drawings or a completed Wendel WORKSHEET to: info@wendelighting.com.