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717BL Beam Mount LED Art Accent Light - 21 Watt
717ML Monopoint LED Art Accent Light - 21 Watt

LED Accent Light

The Wendel 717 LED Art Accent Light provides the art lighting designer and art lighting consultant with an exposed, surface mounted LED Art Light. The energy efficient LED Chip delivers 98 CRI for a bright and uniform LED art illumination from a small LED Art Accent Light using only 21 watts. The energy efficient LED Light Source equivalent to 70 watts of halogen drives the high lumen output system. The high 98 CRI color rendering light source reveals true color in art for accurate color discrimination.

This is a fully adjustable LED Art Light suitable for use in residential art lighting, art gallery lighting, museum lighting, lighting corporate collections and highlighting focal points within other fun business lighting environments. This LED Art Light delivers final adjustment control, to create clean LED beams of light, cleaner than architectural lighting industry standards. Illuminating art with a controlled led light beam, free of halation providing fine LED art lighting focused on a subject.

Softening lens options range from a halation free and proprietary 0° Fade In softening lens, to a 28° softening lens. A softening lens combined with various beam spreads increases clean beam spreads beyond the 14° to 63° degrees. The NBS Narrow Beam Optical Lens Holder Cone is field adjustable from a tight 14° spot to 20° making it ideal for illuminating sculpture, or other precious objects with a striking pop of light, a tight LED Spotlight free of halation for small artistic focal points.

Two models are available, providing two different mounting systems. 717BL includes an exposed driver box mount LED Art Light that can be beam mounted, wall mounted or ceiling mounted. 717ML is a compact monopoint LED Art Light for use with a deep recessed junction box where the driver is hidden from view.

Some surface mount art accent lighting applications include, illuminating paintings, illuminating sculpture, highlighting furnishings, spot lighting floral arrangements, spot lighting minerals, blending light onto a wall beyond spot lighted art for easy to adjust museum art lighting.