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Small Recessed Art Lighting Framing Projector


The Wendelighting® Art Lighting System was designed by the company Principals having over 80 years of optical art lighting experience. Their understanding of art and the unique installation techniques for illuminating art with optical lighting projectors, including manufacturing, projector lighting limitations and potentials, and project requirements, has provided them with the knowledge to implement an easy to adjust, patented framing projector that is accessible from a small ceiling opening trim.

The recessed Wendelighting Art Lighting System is available in LED and includes an air tight energy efficient IC Housing designed for insulation contact. The systems includes the smallest ceiling opening trim for a variable optic framing projector available on the market today.

There are two trim options, a 6.5” diameter flush to ceiling float finish trim and an overlap trim that is 7” in diameter. For a flush to ceiling rimless trim, an accessory flush trim flange is required. The small ceiling opening size provides adequate access to all WENDEL® projector adjustment features including hot aiming light mask shutters using a tool.