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Small Recessed 415P Wenlux shutter framing Projector

The patent pending 415P optical contour recessed framing projector was designed by framing projector specialists with over 100 combined years of projector manufacturing and projector installation experience.  The 415P design clears the mystery and simplifies the procedures required for a successful projector art lighting installation that can now be performed by a qualified electrical contractor.

Precision machined components and polished optical lenses exceed lighting industry standards.  The energy efficient and compact optical system is the leading choice by art lighting consultants for delivering a uniform art illumination from a small ceiling opening Type IC recessed housing that fits into a tight insulated cavity space.  The 415P Projector includes variable optics that are easily field selected to meet  specific art lighting requirements with light beam spreads ranging from 16° to 80°.  Light is framed to follow the contour of paintings by adjusting shutters.  Shutters are independently locked into position for continual art lighting performance.  An accessory light mask kit is available for field cutting a brass shim light mask plate to any shaped opening including general sculptural form without intricacy.  An art lighting specialist is not required for installation of the 415P framing projector.

Some recessed art accent lighting applications include, lighting rectilinear art from medium distances and illuminating general sculptural form.  Illuminating large paintings or lighting art positioned close to a ceiling may require multiple projectors.