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RET-415PL Retrofit Recessed LED Framing Projector - 20 Watt
RET-415AL Retrofit Recessed LED Art Accent Light - 20 Watt

Recessed LED Retrofit

Recessed LED Retrofit for Art Lighting is available through Wendelighting.  The Wenlux Halogen Recessed Framing Projector and Halogen Art Accent Lights can be replaced by LED.  The Halogen 415HIC Recessed Housing is now UL Listed for Retrofit to LED.  The Modular 415HIC Recessed Housing works with both a Recessed LED Framing Projector and a Recessed LED Art Accent Light. 

The LED Retrofit does not require ceiling damage and works with existing wiring.  A suitable dimmer might need to be replaced and or dimmer module re-programing may be required depending on the dimming controls used.