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Canopy Beam Track Mount Optical Contour Framing Art Light Projector

Medium Sized Surface Mount 1180 Wendelighting Light Mask Framing Projector

The 1180 surface mount optical contour framing projector includes precision machined components exceeding lighting industry standards for continual art lighting performance.  The smaller optical system for this art lighting projector makes it a system of choice for delivering a uniform art illumination.  The variable optics are custom pre-set by factory specialists to meet  specific art lighting requirements with light beam spreads ranging from 18° to 92°.  Light is framed to follow the contour of paintings by field cutting a brass shim light mask plate to any shaped opening including sculptural form.  Installation should be performed by an art lighting specialist having technical experience with framing projectors for accent lighting art.

Three models are available providing different methods to install the fixture.  1180B is a beam mount art lighting framing projector that can also be wall mounted.  1180C is a canopy mount framing projector for art lighting installed below a ceiling junction box.  928T is a track mount framing projector providing lighting flexibility for revolving art collections for lighting installed onto a ceiling mounted track.

Some surface mount art accent lighting projector applications include, lighting art from medium distances and illuminating fairly intricate sculptural shapes.  Illuminating large paintings or lighting art positioned close to a ceiling may require multiple projectors.