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Large Surface Mount Art Lighting Framing Projector – Wendelighting

The Wendel Wendelighting 2350 framing projector is used for art accent lighting and provides the art lighting designer and lighting consultant with an exposed, surface mounted optical contour framing projector. The large sized optical system for this art lighting projector makes it a system of choice for delivering a bright and uniform art illumination. The large optical system for this projector makes it a winner for collecting and delivering bright even art lighting. The 2350 optical contour framing projector is one of the most powerful art illumination framing projectors that is listed for architectural lighting installations. This is a fully adjustable framing projector that utilizes a field cut light mask to shape light that is focused by optical lenses to frame light to the contour of art and is suitable for use in residential art lighting, art gallery lighting, lighting corporate collections, lighting sanctuary focal points.

The 2350 art accent light delivers final adjustment control with light shaped to follow the contour of art. Illuminating art with a shaped beam of light, shaped to follow the contour of art, provides fine art lighting focused on a subject for maximum visual impact, without lighting the wall beyond art, when the projector is in sharp focus.

Light is framed to follow the contour of art by field cutting a thin brass shim. The light mask opening is field cut to any desired shape for light to follow the contour of, rectilinear shaped art, sculptural art form or other non rectilinear shapes. The optical system receives a large sized light mask providing the ability to cut more intricate light masking shapes with a sharp focus border.

A field cut light mask with a sharp focus light border should be performed by an art lighting specialist having technical experience with framing projectors for accent lighting art. In contrast, a field cut light mask is easy when used in combination with our patent pending Fade In System. Fade In eliminates the need for an exact cut light mask. A shaped Fade In light border includes a feathered low light perimeter that gradually increases in light intensity to a bright interior art illumination. A Fade In shaped light border blends low level feathered light onto a frame or wall beyond the spot lighted art for easy to adjust art lighting .

Variable optics are custom pre-set by our factory specialists to meet specific art lighting requirements with light beam spreads ranging from 12° to 124°. The 12° narrow beam light option is available for an incredibly tight spot of light for long distances and also ideal for illuminating small paintings, sculpture, or other precious objects with a striking pop of light, a tight spotlight free of halation for small artistic focal points. The very wide 124° beam option makes this framing projector suitable for illuminating very large paintings.

This art light delivers a near 100 CRI color rendering with bright and uniform art lighting from a large sized framing projector. The 100 CRI color rendering light source reveals true color in art for accurate color discrimination.

Two models are available, providing two different mounting systems. 2350B is an exposed art lighting optical contour framing projector that requires an adjacent wiring junction box for an art light that can be beam mounted, wall mounted or ceiling mounted. 2350C is a canopy mount optical contour framing projector for art lighting and is suitable for use below a shallow ceiling mounted recessed wiring junction box.

Some surface mount art accent lighting applications include, lighting art from long distances, illuminating dark hued art, lighting rectilinear art, illuminating large paintings, lighting portraits, spotlighting sculpture with shaped light, framing light to the contour of tables, display lighting, lighting art positioned close to a ceiling, lighting for church sanctuary focal points, framing corporate logos with light, theatrical logo pattern projection. Illuminating very large paintings or lighting wide art positioned very close to a ceiling may require multiple projectors.