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Wendelighting® Adapts

The art in your gallery is bold, beautiful and limited only by your imagination. Whether an exhibition is public or private, static or dynamic, the final placement of art can be a last minute decision. True artistic freedom requires an equally unrestrained lighting solution. Wendelighting’s reliable track system adapts to the needs of any collection with a design tailored for art lighting versatility.

 Wendelighting LED is a full bodied light that pulls exact colors from its subjects. It combines energy efficiency with uncompromising quality to make any art type in your collection shine, no matter the size, shape or placement in a room. Wendelighting LED Track Lights are optically controlled and offer unmatched light control flexibility. Our Track Mount LED Art Lighting uses field-interchangeable, clear glass optics to quickly deliver precise art lighting solutions.

 The challenges of lighting a gallery are many and varied. The artwork featured within can be made from any material and may be changed out frequently. The Wendelighting LED track light adapts easily with the help of variable lens foci. One WENDEL® projector can seamlessly transition from illuminating a marble statue to lighting up a painting by adjustment to its position on the track, lens configuration and aiming.

 If you are looking to elevate your gallery to the next level of presentation, accept no less than the best. Choose the Wendelighting LED track light. Wendelighting is dedicated to delivering spectacular results. For over 70 years, Wendelighting has been globally recognized as the Leader in Fine Art Lighting. Contact us for assistance and discover the difference.