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Art Lighting

Established in 1940, WENDELIGHTING® has set the standard of excellence for fine art accent lighting.  WENDEL® light optical contour framing projectors grace the world’s premier residences, galleries, hotels, and museums with elegant artistic lighting.

Wendelighting offers a wide selection of Recessed Art Lighting and Surface Mount Art Lighting product options for highlighting fine art, paintings and sculptural focal points. Our controlled lighting for any size painting will deliver a stunning look to any collection, transforming the art from simply nice to a look at, to a one-of-a-kind masterpiece as originally perceived by the artist.

The Principals are third generation Owners of Wendelighting, and operate the business together with fourth generation family members.  They are world renowned art lighting specialists!  That is why curators, designers and collectors repeatedly choose Wendel for their technical expertise, lighting design artistry, and trust their ability to showcase valuable investments.

Wendel projectors use a light mask to frame light to a shape focused by optical lenses.  WENDELIGHTING projectors use field cut light mask plates that can provide separate light beams from one projector to illuminate several objects of any shape.  The standard WENLUX® projector uses field adjusted shutters to easily form a rectilinear shaped light beam.

Art illuminated by Wendel comes to life!  A shaped sharp focus light border makes art pop as if lit from behind, while the shaped light from a feathered border softly blends art into architecture with the simple addition of an accessory Fade In Lens.  All Wendel projectors can utilize both focus options and switch between the two at any point. The look is your choice!

Our recessed and surface WENLUX art lighting systems are California Residential Lighting Compliant with Title 24. They provide three lighting options, each with quality and performance that surpasses other art lighting fixtures on the market.  The light shaping projector is easily adjusted by your contractor.  The art accent light has a clean controlled beam of light.  The wash light evenly illuminates tall art positioned close to a ceiling.

The recessed WENLUX Art Lighting System includes an Air Tight energy efficient IC Housing designed for Insulation Contact.  The WENLUX recessed framing projector is designed to be CA Title 24 JA8-2016 California Residential Lighting Compliant. The system includes the smallest ceiling opening trim for a variable optic framing projector available on the market today.

Our quality machined products combined with our technical expertise deliver fine art lighting. Worksheets can be completed or drawings issued for our team to assist in product selection and placement specifications.  Our attention to detail and superb customer service will ensure that your priceless works of art, tapestries, and furnishings will be safely and exquisitely illuminated by WENDELIGHTING and WENLUX optical framing projectors.